Equilibrium 1.0.0 Strain List

Inclusion criteria

Our strains were selected using the following criteria:

  • Safety - the strains were taken from produce and other foods, have a history of human consumption, and are not associated with any infection, or increased susceptibility to infection.
  • Suitability - the microbes themselves are not uncommon in the human gut.
  • Compatibility - the strains do not respond poorly when grown in the same medium.
  • Function - the microorganisms provide, in aggregate, one or more of the desired metabolic pathways.
  • Reproducibility - we were able to grow the microbe reliably at a cost suited for Equilibrium’s target price point.

Food-sourced strain names

Equilibrium’s strain names read like a dictionary because it’s composed of food-sourced strains. Non-pathgenic, food-sourced strains received little study until the last decade or so, when high-throughput sequencing allowed researchers to collect (and name) them in bulk lots of 20,000 or more at a time.


  1. Bacterial Communities Associated with the Surfaces of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
  2. Unravelling the Diversity of the Grapevine Microbiome
  3. Unexpected diversity during community succession in the apple flower microbiome
  4. Bacterial diversity in agroecosystems

Identification method

The microbes in Equilibrium are identified here using the names of their nearest genetic match in GenBank, the NIH’s genetic sequence database. Matches were determined using the NCBI’s BLAST tool.

Strains list

  1. Bacterium 36B NCBI UniProt
  2. Bacterium 72B NCBI UniProt
  3. Bacterium AK-MB25 NCBI UniProt
  4. Bacterium AK-MB30 NCBI UniProt
  5. Bacterium AK-MB34 NCBI UniProt
  6. Bacterium AK-MB37 NCBI UniProt
  7. Bacterium BM0102 NCBI UniProt
  8. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0118 NCBI UniProt
  9. Eubacteria bacterium BM0181 NCBI UniProt
  10. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0196 NCBI UniProt
  11. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0248 NCBI UniProt
  12. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0266 NCBI UniProt
  13. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0269 NCBI UniProt
  14. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0270 NCBI UniProt
  15. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0271 NCBI UniProt
  16. Aeromonadaceae bacterium BM0272 NCBI UniProt
  17. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0277 NCBI UniProt
  18. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0287 NCBI UniProt
  19. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0294 NCBI UniProt
  20. Pseudomonadaceae bacterium BM0295 NCBI UniProt
  21. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0298 NCBI UniProt
  22. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0301 NCBI UniProt
  23. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0305 NCBI UniProt
  24. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0315 NCBI UniProt
  25. Aeromonadaceae bacterium BM0318 NCBI UniProt
  26. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0321 NCBI UniProt
  27. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0324 NCBI UniProt
  28. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0326 NCBI UniProt
  29. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0329 NCBI UniProt
  30. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0335 NCBI UniProt
  31. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0336 NCBI UniProt
  32. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0344 NCBI UniProt
  33. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0348 NCBI UniProt
  34. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0354_1 NCBI UniProt
  35. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0357 NCBI UniProt
  36. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0363 NCBI UniProt
  37. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0371 NCBI UniProt
  38. Comamonadaceae bacterium BM0374 NCBI UniProt
  39. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0377 NCBI UniProt
  40. Aeromonadaceae bacterium BM0380 NCBI UniProt
  41. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0381 NCBI UniProt
  42. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0382 NCBI UniProt
  43. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0383 NCBI UniProt
  44. Aeromonadaceae bacterium BM0387 NCBI UniProt
  45. Comamonadaceae bacterium BM0412 NCBI UniProt
  46. Comamonadaceae bacterium BM0414 NCBI UniProt
  47. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0436 NCBI UniProt
  48. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0441 NCBI UniProt
  49. Pseudomonadaceae bacterium BM0443 NCBI UniProt
  50. Pseudomonadaceae bacterium BM0446 NCBI UniProt
  51. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0570 NCBI UniProt
  52. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0573 NCBI UniProt
  53. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0574 NCBI UniProt
  54. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0575 NCBI UniProt
  55. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0576 NCBI UniProt
  56. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0577 NCBI UniProt
  57. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0585 NCBI UniProt
  58. Aeromonadaceae bacterium BM0587 NCBI UniProt
  59. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0595 NCBI UniProt
  60. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0602 NCBI UniProt
  61. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0603 NCBI UniProt
  62. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0609 NCBI UniProt
  63. Enterobacteriaceae bacterium BM0610 NCBI UniProt
  64. Bacterium KGJ-3-1 NCBI UniProt
  65. Bacterium KGJ-3-10 NCBI UniProt
  66. Bacterium KGJ-3-14 NCBI UniProt
  67. Bacterium KGJ-3-16 NCBI UniProt
  68. Bacterium KGJ-3-18 NCBI UniProt
  69. Bacterium KGJ-3-22 NCBI UniProt
  70. Bacterium KGJ-3-23 NCBI UniProt
  71. Bacterium KGJ-3-5 NCBI UniProt
  72. Bacterium KGJ-3-6 NCBI UniProt
  73. Bacterium OC 16 NCBI UniProt
  74. Bacterium AM_gF1DD01_08 NCBI UniProt
  75. Bacterium AM_gF1DD01_14 NCBI UniProt
  76. Bacterium AM_gF3SD01_02 NCBI UniProt
  77. Bacterium AM_gF3SD01_03 NCBI UniProt
  78. Bacterium AM_gF3SD01_04 NCBI UniProt
  79. Bacterium AM_gF3SD01_06 NCBI UniProt
  80. Bacterium AX_gF1DD01_04 NCBI UniProt
  81. Bacterium AX_gF3SD01_11 NCBI UniProt
  82. Bacterium AX_gF3SD01_12 NCBI UniProt
  83. Bacterium AX_gF3SD01_17 NCBI UniProt
  84. Bacterium AX_gF3SD01_25 NCBI UniProt
  85. Bacterium AX_gF3SD01_29 NCBI UniProt
  86. Bacterium AX_gF3SD01_33 NCBI UniProt
  87. Bacterium AX_gF3SD01_39 NCBI UniProt
  88. Bacterium AX_gF3SD01_48 NCBI UniProt
  89. Bacterium CA_gF2-3DD01_02 NCBI UniProt
  90. Bacterium CA_gF2-3DD01_03 NCBI UniProt
  91. Bacterium CA_gF3SD01_04 NCBI UniProt
  92. Bacterium CA_gF3SD01_10 NCBI UniProt
  93. Bacterium CY_gF1DD01_05 NCBI UniProt
  94. Bacterium CY_gF1DD01_09 NCBI UniProt
  95. Bacterium CY_gF1DD01_10 NCBI UniProt
  96. Bacterium CY_gF1DD01_14 NCBI UniProt
  97. Bacterium PE_gF1DD01_04 NCBI UniProt
  98. Bacterium PE_gF1DD01_06 NCBI UniProt
  99. Bacterium PE_gF1DD01_11 NCBI UniProt
  100. Bacterium PE_gF3SD01_05 NCBI UniProt
  101. Bacterium PI_gF3SD01_19 NCBI UniProt
  102. Bacterium A1Q1_fos_2300 NCBI UniProt
  103. Pseudomonadales bacterium HF0500_12O04 NCBI UniProt
  104. Bacterium HF130_AEPn_2 NCBI UniProt
  105. Bacterium HH1107 NCBI UniProt
  106. Bacterium HHV216 NCBI UniProt
  107. Bacterium HHV35 NCBI UniProt
  108. Bacterium MID12 NCBI UniProt
  109. Bacterium pAB2 NCBI UniProt
  110. Bacterium A1Q1_fos_2300 NCBI UniProt
  111. Bacterium HF130_AEPn_2 NCBI UniProt
  112. Pseudomonas sp. R2SpM1P1C10 NCBI UniProt - also eats mustard gas!
  113. Pseudomonas sp. UMAB-62 NCBI UniProt
  114. Pseudomonas sp. cn4902 NCBI UniProt
  115. Pseudomonas stutzeri NCBI UniProt - NCBI study

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